Northampton Festival of the Performing Arts is run by a small committee of dedicated, unpaid organisers and is affiliated to The British and International Federation of Festivals. The festival offers classes in music and speech and drama and runs annually in May at venues in Northampton.

The festival provides a welcome platform for participants to perform in front of an encouraging audience and receive constructive, professional adjudication which will promote further development.  The range of classes provides opportunities for people of all ages and standards.


There is a wide variety of competitive classes to choose from in both music and speech and drama, and non-competitive classes which may appeal to performers who have never competed in a festival before or may not have even performed to an audience. Each year, we produce a syllabus which details all the classes on offer and information about how to enter, and where the festival is to take place.


Our recital classes create an opportunity for students to improve their stamina because they demand a higher level of concentration, which in turn develops how to sustain a longer performance.


During the festival,we actively encourage performers to go and support musicians and drama students in other classes. Watching and listening to classes in other art disciplines, whilst listening to feedback from the adjudication will provide another form of musical and drama development. We also value family and friends and member of the general public to come along and support the performers, for which we make a small charge which helps with our running costs, as we are fully self-funding.


The 2020 festival was sadly cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the 2021 syllabus is now available and the online entry portal is now open with the closing date for entries of 16 April 2021.